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  • Do wear muted or neutral colors, like Khaki, tan or beige.
  • Do move slowly and fluidly in the vehicle minimizing sudden movements.
  • Do encourage your driver to move the vehicle as little as possible and to drive slowly, respecting the personal space of animals.
  • Do encourage your drive to turn off the engine in the presence of animals and not to rev the engine when starting or to attract the attention of animals.
  • Do refrain from smoking.
  • Do encourage other travelers who are not behaving appropriately to change their behavior.
  • Do avoid walking after 6:00 pm in the city. Preferably take a taxi.
  • Do drink mineral water or bottled water.


  • Don’t wear bright colored or high – contrast clothing.
  • Don’t wave arms.
  • Don’t throw anything out of the vehicle.
  • Don’t speak above a whisper.
  • Don’t yell at animals.
  • Don’t pound hands on the side of the vehicles or clap hands in order to get the attention of or scare the animals.
  • Don’t feed the animals.
  • Don’t leave any valuables in the vehicle or in your hotel room, keep in the safety deposit at the Hotel / Lodge / Camp.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewellery during the day in the city.
  • Don’t drink tap water.
  • Don’t photograph tribes, if photos are required, seek driver’s advice.
  • Don’t carry excess baggage only 15 kgs are allowed in scheduled and charter flights.
  • Don’t sound horn, play radio or cassettes while in the park.


Wildlife Photography by Jay Parmar

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