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Some of our Celebrity Clients

Keira Knightly - Hollywood

“This trip was made extra special due to the people you employ.”
- Trudi Collins

“If I had a travel business I would want your staff to work for me.”
- Marta Joan Cross

“Your driver/guide is perfect for your business. He always promotes Big Five and is very faithful to his employer. Not only did your guide do all that was promised and that which you require, but he often "went to extra mile" for us to ensure that our trip was a success.”
- C. Robert Pettit

“Our Tour Guides were very efficient and courteous.”
- Bharat .K.Kenia

“Our tour guide was extremely helpful in making the trip perfect. There was no request that was too difficult.”     
- Dennis A. Pennighton

“Our driver was perfect in every way, polite, informative, pleasant, on time, organized, full of good advise etc.”
- Richard & Maria Grigg

“Our driver/guide loves Kenya and he loves his job and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to travel with him.”      
- Paulie Jenkins

“We would like you to know that this trip was by far the best holiday we have ever taken.”     
- Bert & Bonnie Stevens

“Under the guidance of 'Big Five' personnel, our arrangements were professionally handled and all personnel went out of their way to be helpful.”     
- Peter J. Brix

Sanjay Dutt - Bollywood

Wildlife Photography by Jay Parmar

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