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Inoculation against Yellow Fever and Cholera are advisable, but not mandatory, except for arrivals from Far East, Central America, South, Central and West Africa. It is imperative that anti – malarial prophylactics be taken before, during and after your visit. Changes of diet and water often cause mild stomach upsets, so a supply of anti- diarrhea pills is advisable. Do not drink tap water, but it is safe to use the water supplied in flasks in your hotel room and bottled mineral water is readily available. You can enroll in the Flying Doctors Society through us. In the unlikely event that a medical emergency occurs whilst on safari, you will be flown to the nearest medical center.

Some countries require Yellow Fever inoculation certificates for entry. Malaria protection is very important for travel to Africa. But because medical requirements and recommendations are itinerary – based and are subject to change, we urge every traveler to consult a physician specializing in travel medicine, or the Centers for Disease Control in your country, to obtain the most current information on requirements and recommendations about six weeks prior to traveling.

All our travellers in East Africa are recommended to enrol for the Flying Doctor Services, which provides transport to the closest modern medical facility in the improbable event of a serious medical emergency in the bush. Check with your doctor to get the current recommendations and advice.


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